We have open days on our  May calendar for "As Requested" classes for Handgun Qualification License (HQL), Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, Maryland Wear and Carry (CCW) Weapons Permit, Delaware CCDW and Handgun Orientation Class!


There will not be a Utah class in June.  We will be unavailable for unscheduled class in June due to Jury duty.  

- Bought a gun and need Handgun Orientation ONE-ON-ONE training? $100 for two hours. $150 for couples. Includes one hour of live fire range time!

- HQL - This is the license a Maryland resident needs to PURCHASE a handgun.

- Utah CCW - This license, issued by the state of Utah allows you to carry a concealed handgun in thirty states, including Delaware and Virginia. It is NOT honored in Maryland.

- Maryland Wear and Carry permit - This permit allows you to carry a concealed handgun in Maryland. Yes, it is a difficult permit to have issued, but it is possible. Business owners are now able to carry 24/7! By the way, if you have a Maryland W&C permit it is NOT honored in Delaware - time to get a Utah CCW permit which IS honored in Delaware??

Looking for a Delaware CCDW permit? CALL US!

Want to schedule any of our classes or just get more information? Give us a call at 443-900-4208.

Our prices are affordable and VERY competitive!

All of our training is held in Willards Maryland.

NRA certified instructor
US Navy, retired

Unscheduled  Classes

As always, if you can not make one of our scheduled classes, give us a call for an unscheduled class.  We offer a variety of private classes including:

Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) 

Maryland Wear and Carry (CCW) Permit 

Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Renewal 

Utah Non-Resident CCW 

Delaware CCDW 

We can also combine classes into a package, such as Maryland Wear and Carry + Utah CCW or HQL + Utah CCW etc.

Classes are held in Willards, MD


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