We have open days on our  calendar for "As Requested" classes for Handgun Qualification License (HQL), Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, Maryland Wear and Carry (CCW) Weapons Permit, Delaware CCDW and Handgun Orientation Class!  Give us a call to discuss if you desire an UNSCHEDULED class. 443-900-4208
 - Bought a gun and need Handgun Orientation ONE-ON-ONE training? $100 for two hours. $150 for couples. Includes one hour of live fire range time!

- HQL - This is the license a Maryland resident needs to PURCHASE a handgun.

- Utah CCW - This license, issued by the state of Utah allows you to carry a concealed handgun in thirty states, including Delaware and Virginia. It is NOT honored in Maryland.

- Maryland Wear and Carry permit - This permit allows you to carry a concealed handgun in Maryland. Yes, it is a difficult permit to have issued, but it is possible. Business owners are now able to carry 24/7! By the way, if you have a Maryland W&C permit it is NOT honored in Delaware - time to get a Utah CCW permit which IS honored in Delaware??

Looking for a Delaware CCDW permit? CALL US!

Want to schedule any of our classes or just get more information? Give us a call at 443-900-4208.

Our prices are affordable and VERY competitive!

All of our training is held in Willards Maryland.

NRA certified instructor
US Navy, retired

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