Maryland Wear and Carry Course (CCW)

Being issued a Wear and Carry Permit (W&C) by the state of Maryland is not easy, but it is possible. If you are a business owner, Real Estate agent, possess a high level federal security clearance or other "Good and Substantial" reasons, Maryland MAY issue you a permit after completing all the requirements.  Attending this course does not GUARANTEE you will be issued a permit.


This is a 16 hour course broken into two days. First day is 8 hours of classroom instruction. Second day is 8 hours of finishing up on classroom work and live fire to include instruction (if required), target practice and live fire qualification (25 shots). We will teach you how to shoot if you do not know how.

Wear and Carry Classes are scheduled on an "as requested" basis.  Fee is $350.00 

 Call us if you desire a class.  We schedule these classes for groups of 5 people only.  443-900-4208


It is HIGHLY recommended you give us a call BEFORE you register for this course to discuss your reason ("Good and Substantial" reason) that you will use to justify to the Maryland State Police why they should grant you a permit. Our phone number is 443-900-4208.

****NEW NEW NEW****

Business owners are now being issued Wear & Carry permits WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS.

You can use your own firearm or we can provide one for you at no charge.  You will need to provide your own ammunition.  Recommend at least 100 rounds.  We have handguns chambered in 9MM, .45ACP, .380 auto and .38 Special.