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Our Services and Rates

What we offer
  • Professional 4 hour classroom-style instruction.

  • Our fee for the HQL 4-hour class​ varies according to demand, but is generally $100. Some special HQL events are more. 

    • Included in our fee is help in navigating the remainder of the HQL process.

      • The Maryland State Police HQL application fee is $50.00.  The application requires a credit card or a debit card to pay the application fee.  ​

      • An important note, when fingerprints are given and submitted to the Maryland State Police electronically, this will ALSO start the background check process. Contact us if you need more information.​

  • We also offer the Maryland 16-hour Wear and Carry course (AKA CCW) at our Willards location.  Fee is $350.00 per person. 

UTAH Concealed Carry Classes are $150.00 per person which includes ink fingerprints and passport photo.  You will fill out your application during class.

Contact us is you desire the Delaware CCDW class.

Our Contact Information For  Questions:

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