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So, You Have Your HQL, Now What?
So, you've gone through the HQL training course, fingerprints taken, background check complete and now you have your coveted HQL in your hand. You've probably satisfied the Maryland requirement of shooting at least one shot during your HQL training course.    Question is, was it enough?  Are you satisfied with your shooting accuracy? Do you want to be more comfortable with your gun?  Do you want to be able to shoot better?  

Fortunately, J&J HQL Training can HELP you get better.  As an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor, we have the knowledge and experience to make you a shooter that is confident in your ability to put the bullet where you want it.

Having problems deciding what gun you want to purchase?  We can help you decide the make, model and caliber that fits you best and within your budget.

We can tailor instruction based on your needs - if you feel you need just a couple of hours of dedicated instructional range time, we can make it happen.  Contact us for questions, or to make a reservation.
100 rounds of ammo is recommended for range training. JJ HQL provides targets, hearing protection and eye protection free of charge.
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